iPage vs Siteground

iPage and SiteGround are both considered to be the few best hosts present. Although, they fall under the best host category the reason for both the hosts vary greatly. iPage is often appreciated for creating professional and conversion centric webpages for their clients and customers. On the other hand, the heavily trafficked corporate sites who find WordPress more beneficial may be drawn towards SiteGround.

Ranging from custom software solutions to premier customer support, SiteGround has all the possibilities covered and provides the customers a free space to experiment with their possible solutions. The provided web hosting features include free Cloudflare CDN, cPanel with SSH access, and unlimited MySQL databases and bandwidth along with the robust customer service.

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Although, many customers turn towards SiteGround for a specific solution or just a direction to get the proper solution for their webpages, but instead they tend to receive a huge range of possibilities. This open various doors for them, allowing various branches to be explored.

The SiteGround has shifted all it’s infrastructure to an internal workhouse, which prevents the connectivity problems.

Along with providing unlimited supply of all the features and facilities, iPage provides support allowing custom to grow their webpages beyond imagination. iPage offers mobile builders along with computer based web development. The unlimited bandwidth, storage space and the feature of uploading and sharing unlimited data, highly benefits the customers.

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Along with all the features it provides to the customers iPage has additional perks for their customers and users. The perks namely include $300-worth of marketing credits to get you started on Google, Yahoo/Bing, and Facebook, giving the customers site the exposure that any site needs.

Both the site hosts are the best in the work and the facilities they are currently providing. They are however, varied in terms of the needs of the user. A user who has a relatively higher and chaotic trafficking situation would prefer SiteGround as it lessens the burden of the customer. Moreover, the user is also able to view multiple solutions for their problems and are at the liberty to choose an apt solution. On the other hand, the user who has just started their webpage and has a lower trafficking rate could work well with iPage. iPage provides them with unlimited loading and storing facility which prevents them from additional burden of managing their stuff in terms of the size. Both the host have satisfied customers.